Company History 1919-2019

100 years of the Kerkemeier freight forwarding company in Hattingen

1919 We need to go back another 15 years before we can tell you about the history of Kerkemeier. Henschel & Sohn, a locomotive and machinery factory in Kassel, purchased the Heinrichshütte metal works in Hattingen in February 1904. The new owner modernised the metalworks from scratch and new and modern plants that required a large amount of space sprang up all-over the site. This resulted in the metalworks purchasing land from Farmer Kerkemeier and he in turn was able to carry out hand and cart work for the metalworks. This ultimately resulted in the founding of the company Friedrich Kerkemeier in 1919.

1950 Mr Willi Olf, the son-in-law of Mr Friedrich Kerkemeier took over the business between 1950 and 1959. He expanded the company even further - so that Kerkemeier not only carried out transportation work for the Henrichshütte, it also had a construction and civil engineering department, numerous disposal vehicles (container trucks & dumper trucks) and carried out the internal transportation of the slag.

1972 This was the year in which Mr and Mrs Willi and Margarete Olf transferred the company to Annette and Fritz Kost. Fritz Kost, a former trainee (1963-1966), restructured the company so that it was a large company that only provided transportation services. The company specialised in the transporting of steel and the construction department and the waste disposal were things of the past. He not only transported steel for the Henrichshütte, but also for all of the German steel manufacturers. The clients then included names such as Thyssen, O&K, VSG, Krupp, Bochumer Verein and the Dillinger Hütte.

1974 The name of the company was changed to its current one: Spedition Friedrich Kerkemeier GmbH & Co.KG. In the times of limited transport licenses, companies were purchased and numerous branches were established such as 1975: Schwätzer in Hattingen, 1978: Hesse in Meinerzhagen, 1985: Pauly in Perl, 1988: Busch in Hattingen and 1991: Liebau in Wernigerode. The branches were closed one after the other after the transport licenses no longer existed.
1999 The logistic services were restructured on 1 November 1999 with the foundation of the company Kerkemeier Logistik GmbH.

2001 It was possible to inaugurate the premises at the current company location Am Walzwerk 27 after completion of extensive conversion work in addition to the rail sidings being taken into operation.

2013 Takeover of the Ancofer Stahlhandel GmbH vehicle fleet in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

2014 It was possible to conclude the third change of generation at Kerkemeier: Fritz Kost symbolically handed the ”steering wheel“ to his nephew Holger Kost during the Christmas party on 13 December 2014.

2017 Purchase of property in the Mülheim an der Ruhr south port with a trimodal traffic connection. The own inland waterway terminal and additional rail sidings enabled Kerkemeier to expand its offer for its clients.

2019 Kerkemeier celebrates the company anniversary “100 years of Kerkemeier“ in the former blasting hall of the Henrichshütte in Hattingen.

By the way, did you already know? Kerkemeier has relocated 3 times within Hattingen: from the Marxstraße to Sprockhöveler Straße “An der Kost” and in 2001 to the street “Am Walzwerk” on the Heinrichshütte Industrial Estate – the current company address.