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Company History

1919 - We need to go back another 15 years before we can tell you about the history of Kerkemeier. Henschel & Sohn, a locomotive and machinery factory in Kassel, purchased the Heinrichshütte metal works in Hattingen in February 1904. The new owner modernised the metalworks from scratch and new and modern plants that required a large amount of space sprang up all-over the site. This resulted in the metalworks purchasing land from Farmer Kerkemeier and he in turn was able to carry out hand and cart work for the metalworks. This ultimately resulted in the founding of the company Friedrich Kerkemeier in 1919.   More Details
Kerkemeier Freight Forwarding

Not only do we offer you freight forwarding and transportation services, we have also developed a range of services for you that cover all of the modern logistics areas. The name “Kerkemeier“ is a byword for reliability and innovation. A forward-looking orientation enables us to offer you all of the logistic services from the simple distribution to supply chain management.   More Details

Kerkemeier Logistics

For modern requirements in the area of warehousing and handling logistics, Kerkemeier Logistic GmbH was established. Your reliable partner in the area of warehousing.   More Details