Kerkemeier Logistik GmbH

Warehousing and handling logistics

The Advantages of Our Logistics for You

  large interior and exterior warehouse areas: 47,000 m²
  Exterior Storage Area up to 24,000 m²
  14 halls up to 200 metres long
  possible inventory > 50,000 tonnes
  crane systems with carrying capacity up to 40 tonnes
  our own direct connection to the railway network
  ample logistics equipment at our premises
  Binnenschiff Terminal in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr
  modern, scanner-supported handling of your logistics orders
  Just-in-Time implementation of your order — day and night
  direct co-operation with international forwarding
  spare parts logistics
  Specialized in "Grob-Blech-Logistik"
For modern requirements in the area of warehousing and handling logistics, Kerkemeier Logistic GmbH was established. Your reliable partner in the area of warehousing.

Our logistics has at its disposal over 23,000 square metres of heated warehouse space and an open depot of an additional 24,000 square metres. The most modern handling machinery and equipment, such as forklifts and crane equipment with a carrying capacity of up to 40 tonnes, can be equipped with, e.g., packaging tongs, vacuum beams, coiling tongs or coiling hooks, and are available to load the most diverse types of goods. Also, our own rail link and a rail vehicle make us an independent, strong performer in the area of railway logistics

A highly developed workflow offers you electronic support, during and after the execution of your order. Modern logistical software with scanner-protective processing, digital archive, document management and much more makes the information you desire available at any time.