Logistics Services

Kerkemeier´s individual logistics system for you.

Interior Warehouse

13.000 m²

Interior Warehouse
Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

10.000 m²

Exterior Warehouse

14.000 m²

Exterior Warehouse
Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

10.000 m²

Hall Length

> 200 m

Rail Connection
Number of Waggons

> 23


50.000 t


47.000 m²

Logistics services: 47,000 m² with up to 50,000 tonnes.

Over 50 manufacturing companies from various branches of industries use the facilities of Kerkemeier Logistics in Hattingen as buffer support for their material. The inventory there can temporarily grow to more than 40,000 tonnes. The five, partially up to 200-meter long spaces, are equipped with railways and pathways for freight trucks, with a dozen crane systems and a wide palette of special lifting equipment, so that all warehousing processes can be speedily carried out.

What is quite special about us: having our own rail link makes us, and our customers in the area of railway logistics, independent, strong performers. To monitor goods, we have an internal scanning program with our own labelling. Kerkemeier Logistik GmbH is DEKRA-certified (ISO 9001:2008) for the areas of warehousing, handling, and logistics

The Advantages of Our Logistics for You

  large interior and exterior warehouse areas: 47,000 m²
  Exterior Storage Area up to 24,000 m²
  14 halls up to 200 metres long
  possible inventory > 50,000 tonnes
  crane systems with carrying capacity up to 40 tonnes
  our own direct connection to the railway network
  ample logistics equipment at our premises
  Binnenschiff Terminal in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr
  modern, scanner-supported handling of your logistics orders
  Just-in-Time implementation of your order — day and night
  direct co-operation with international forwarding
  spare parts logistics
  Specialized in "Grob-Blech-Logistik"

The logistics system we have introduces assures that goods are available:

  according to type and quantity
  in required condition
  at the stipulated deadline
  at the determined location

so that a high degree of efficiency can be guaranteed. For our customers, our credo reads: “Your warehouse is always as big as you need.” Lower your fixed costs, and do away with unproductive empty spaces. We organize your procurement logistics and store the shipments, or dispatch your shipments over our transport networks. From 0 to 24,000 kilograms. All services in a single logistics chain, integrated, without additional interfaces, frictional losses or third parties. A single information source - simple and uncomplicated

The logistics services especially include:

  individual advising
  Packaging Work
  Inventory Management
  Administering Certificates