Use of scanners ans electronic tracking in logistics

The electronic tracking of goods through the entire supply chain is of decisive importance. For the identification, safety, and monitoring of goods, it is even indispensable. Today, the warehouse is seamlessly integrated into a logistical process, in which inventory, receiving of goods, delivery, return consignments and replenishment are synchronised with one another.

Commissioning in the warehouse becomes essentially more efficient by means of deploying a mobile data-capturing device. The warehouse employee gathers the article or storage positions using a barcode scanner. A completed order is confirmed by him on the device. The status of orders can be constantly monitored in real time. Through the use of barcodes, mistakes will be avoided. Incorrect codes are not accepted by the system.

In many companies, inventory procedures are still carried out using paper and pencil, and the counting results thereafter entered into a merchandising management system on a PC. This “classical” procedure is relatively costly and susceptible to data-entry errors. The use of mobile data-capture devices enables a speedy and error-free inventory. The execution is simple: the article number is quickly and securely captured by an integrated barcode scanner. Alongside the inventory, the MDE-devices are also employed in receiving and shipping.

We assign all warehoused items a unique barcode, which offers enormous advantages for conducting inventory. The most obvious are the following

  simple and safe handling
  raised productivity
  enables the movement of wares to be tracked as they take place
  simplifies and accelerates the production flow

A correctly configured barcode system has a failure probability of about 1:6,000,000,000. Barcodes prevent mistakes that occur due to mistyping or incorrect interpretation of handwritten notes. Without a doubt, in receiving goods for warehousing, it is simpler, quicker, and more secure to press the scan button on a mobile device, rather than first writing the serial number on a slip of paper by hand, then later copying it again into the system back at the office.