Special Transports

Special Transports with Hydraulic Tele-Slope Loader Vehicles by Kerkemeier

With our refined logistics and our flexible vehicle fleet, we fulfil every prerequisite necessary to perform your special transports flawlessly. Using our hydraulic tele-slope loading vehicles, we are able to transport items which would present excess width with normal vehicles and would thus interfere with traffic. With our hydraulic tele-slope loaders, items of freight with excess loads of angles up to 45° can be transported while taking less space in vehicle width.
We offer our clients the tele-sloping loaders in various designs. Right-click on the preview pictures, in order to examine the way in which the slope-loader vehicles function.

Your Advantages in Using Tele-Sloping Loader Vehicles

  cost-efficient transport, e.g., oversized steel sheets
  no accompanying vehicles necessary
  Transports throughout the day possible 6 days per week
  flexible use of various slope-loading zones on the truck